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路邊屋台小攤起家的阿娥水餃,以老闆娘的名字命名,取得親切樸實 也深刻,如同店裡的水餃看起來平凡,滋味卻非常不簡單。

每日手工新鮮現包,以招牌的韭黃蝦仁鮮肉水餃收服台北眾人的胃袋。獨食的點法可以是一份水餃再加上一小碗酸辣湯,水餃以整隻蝦仁、韭黃 和豬絞肉入餡,縱使個頭不大,但完美的菜肉比例,飽滿眞材實料咬下是鮮美湯汁在嘴中流竄;眾人一同可再多點上幾份小菜,一盒盒包好放在冷藏櫃裡想吃就自己拿,價格淸楚標示在菜單上。



A’e Dumplings is named after its owner – the lady who developed what was once a humble street stall into what is now a recognised quality establishment in Taipei. It’s cordial, simple and genuine, just like the dumplings that are served by A’e – they might look ordinary, but they definitely taste extraordinary.

Each dumpling is handmade daily and stuffed with a generous filling of Asian chives, whole prawns and pork mince in a flavour combination that is set to conquer taste buds in Taipei. They don’t look huge, but they have the perfect vegetable- to-meat ratio which never fails to deliver a mouthful of juicy savoury goodness.If you’re dining alone, the perfect combo is to order a single portion of dumplings and a small bowl of hot and sour soup. For social eaters, feel free to take your pick from the myriad of tasty side dishes from the fridge (prices are conveniently marked on the menu), perfect forsharing with friends.

At NT$ 6 each, A’e’s dumplings are the perfect crowd-pleaser. Be sure to visit during the week as the store closes on weekends.

This article is excerpted from the book《Taipei, to-siā》, Chinese – English Bilingual Version.Book link|




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